64 Analog Inputs

32 Analog inputs for high accuracy recording of temperature sensor signals

Compatible with :
12 Analog inputs for 0-10Volts Analog sensors
Suitable for :
Room temperature sensors
Fluid pressure sensors
Fuel level sensor
4 Analog inputs 4-20Ma Sensors
Suitable for :
Room temperature sensors
Fluid pressure sensors
Fuel level sensor
8 pairs (16 singles) of 0-5Volts analog input device with single plug ability
Suitable for : Flow meter and integrated temperature sensor

12 Digital Inputs

8 High speed digital inputs for flow meter connections
Suitable for :
Turbine Flow meter Type
External device with Gnd reference signals
4 Digital input 5 to 24VDc
Suitable for :
External relays

16 Analog Outputs

16 Analog outputs 0-10Volts and/or PWM*
Suitable for : Water flow pumps from various Brand
*PWM Characteristics
Analog and PWM signal can be mixed over the 16 channels
Programmable PWM frequency between 0.1 and 5KHz
PWM resolution ratio : 8Bits (256 levels) for accurate regulation
PWM signal level adjustable from 1 to 10Volts

16 Digital Outputs

8 on board relays 2A for potential free connection
Suitable for :
Heating devices
Heating pump
Pellets Oven
Air conditioning
Fresh air exchanger
8 auxiliary output for external relay connection
4 digital optocoupled 24 volts output signals
Suitable for :
Warning lamps
Light tower
Auxiliary devices
20 High Voltage 230Volts single phase Output 1A
Suitable for :
Regular water pump
Aeration Fans
Water mixing valves
Water area valves


1 Ethernet adaptor
1 Wifi adaptor
1 internal RS232 serial communication
1 KNX interface

CPU and Data storage

Dual core processor for high-speed regulation and communication
1st processor 100% dedicated for the regulation
2nd processor for communication and data management also used as Web platform
4Gb of flash memory for system information data and logging data

Regulation capabilities

Up to 6 Heating circuits
2 Solar loop circuit
Up to 4 boilers including Wood stove
1 Swimming pool
1 to 4 boilers


Web based firmware application.
Internet connectable.
Warnings and alarms sent by e-mail on demand from out the device.
Off line statistic menu.
Real time status request.
Easy tune up feature.
Powerfull fault analyse.
Remote control over the internet by PC, tablets or Smart phones.
Smart calendar setup for individual life style.
Implemented interface to home automation devices trough the KNX interface.
The software offer a high efficient regulation as well as a flexibel and versatile
engine providing a solution to various kind hydraulic design.

General Information

Power Supply 230 Vac – 50Hz
Dimension : 300 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight : 2Kg
Easy wiring thanks to high quality clips plug terminals
Analog input resolution: 14Bits
Analog outputs resolution : 8 bits

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